About us


We’re, Martin and Leonie

Newlyweds on an adventure around the world.

This blog is our travel diary, where we write about the great things we encounter, the funny, weird and sometimes crazy things we experience along the way, but also the places we liked to most and the pictures we took that help tell the story about our round the world trip. Along the way, we hope our story inspires others to travel and see the world and all its beauty.

We like to travel slow to get a real taste about the country, its culture and its residents. This relatively slow way of travelling also fits our budgets, as we hope to continue on our journey for a long time…

We don’t always go for the organised easy way to explore, but we go wander by our self. Find a local bus to a national park or ruins. This way it’s cheaper to explore but also way more fun a you meet people you otherwise had not. Or sometimes end up in places or situations you did not intended.

Our story:
We met each other in 2011 and got married 7 years later. Just before we took off on this epic and probably once in a lifetime round the world trip. Travelling has been in our blood way before we met. Separately we’ve had the luck to travel to beautiful destinations. But now we are happy to do so together which makes it so much better.

Since the start of our relationship we travelled together to countries both closeby as far away. From a citytrip to a four week holiday. First we thought that a holiday or two a year would be satisfying enough for our hunger to travel. However we realised that being “stuck” in a 8-5 job, paying the mortgage every month and sometimes have to plan quaility time for each other, was not the life we wanted to live..

We started saving, planning and about two and a half year later we could make the decision! We sold our house, most of our belongings, quit our jobs, said goodbye to our friends and family and took a plane to South America.

Our plan:
When we left, we only had a one way ticket to Colombia, many amazing places we’d like to visit one day and ideas for after. But nothing writing in stone. That’s the way we like to travel!

Part one is South America. See how far we would go, which countries we would be visiting and what to skip. Part two is Oceania. Meeting with friends in New Zealand and travel with them to Fiji. Maybe a stop over in Australia, depending on the perfect and hopefully cheap ticket we find to start part three.

Part three is Asia. Many countries on our bucket list. Serieus plans that both our parents come to visit and maybe even more friends from back home dropping by for a visit. Something we really look forward to!

Hopefully and maybe there will be a part four to the Middle East and/or Africa. But we’ll see 🙂

We try to post alternate pictures on our Instagram daily!
@unstettledcouple or https://www.instagram.com/unsettledcouple/