Guatape & Piedra del Penol

A perfect day trip when you are staying in Medellin is visiting the colorful town called Guatape and the near located rock called Piedra del Penol.

We took the bus from Medellin’s Northern bus terminal, arriving about two hours later at the base of the impressive “La Piedra”, a 200mtr high granite rock. As we wanted to avoid the overproduction of sweat we left early so we would still have a reasonable temperature climbing the 659 stairs to the top. That unfortunately did not work out entirely as planned as the sun even at early morning was working hard to have the temperature rising by the minute. Nonetheless getting closer to the top, the stunning views over the surrounding lakes became better by the minute as well.

Having set foot on the last step we were rewarded for our early summit as only a handful of people made it up yet. After trying to capture the beautiful surroundings with our camera and enjoying the views on all sides, it was also time to release the newest member of our crew; our DJI Mavic Air Drone.

As it became busier on the top, is was time to head down again. At the bottom we chartered a Tuk Tuk (yes, they do not only exist in Asia) to bring us to the nearby town of Guatape. Guatape is a small town, famous for its beautifully painted houses. Due to its size, it is perfect to wander the streets for a few hours, enjoy some drinks and a lunch menu of the day before you head back to the busy streets of Medellin.

Next stop: Salento




created by dji camera





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