San Andres, Island of Colombia

San Andres Island is the main island of the San Andrés group, and the largest of the Archipelago.  It consists of two island groups about 775 km northwest of mainland Colombia and 220 km east of Nicaragua, and has eight outlying banks and reefs. The average year-round temperature is appr. 25C at night and 30C during the day. So, for us it is hard not to love(!) this place J The surrounding of this island is one the most beautiful we have seen on our travels in quite a while. Although downtown San Andres itself is developed mainly towards tourism, there still can be found plenty of secluded places.

The main reason why we, and most people, visit are the amazing long stretched white soft sandy beaches and the warm and colourful ocean. The colours of the water are ineffable, no words to describe. We invite you to see the pictures and movie on Instagram @unsettledcouple. As a picture can sometimes say more than thousand words and helps you to get a real feeling about this beautiful place.

Sometimes we read about the ocean to be seven colours of blue. This for sure is the case around San Andres. Because of sandbanks and various coral reefs, you see the ocean in many beautiful colours. One day we saw a young girl fill up water bottles in the ocean to pore around the sandcastle she made on the beach. As Duchies, we are used to the beach but filling a bottle in our side of the ocean, it would be green-greyish coloured full of sediment. However, the water in the bottles of this girl was so clear and without any sediment. If you would have given them to a random person, we could have convinced them to be drinking water, for sure. They clear waters creates a perfect visibility for snorkelling and diving.

The island has multiple beaches, wish makes it perfect for a daytrip around the island. For instance, you have the beaches at Rocky Cay. These are less crowded and there’s a small island just off the coast. You can walk to it through the ocean, chest deep water. Around the island you can go snorkelling to see many different types of aquatic live.

But around San Andres you have more islands to explore. We went on a day tour to the nearby islands Johnny Cay and Acuario. Johnny Cay is a small size island, scenic place with white-sand beaches surrounded by coconut plantations turned into a natural park. Only the south side of the island has a beautiful beach and is suitable for swimming and snorkelling. Around the rest of the Island it is less suitable for swimming as the current could be risky.

Acuario consists only of a couple of small sandbanks behind a long stretched coral reef. The warm shallow waters attract many species of fish and a large number of sting rays.

A downside of tourism here however results in tour operators promote to pick the rays up for everybody to take a photo with. As we are strongly against harassing any animals in their natural habitat, you can just swim out for about 100m from Acuario to see the rays without disturbing them too much.

Next stop: Medellín (the city of eternal spring), Colombia




created by dji camera



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