You’re typical backpackers’ town. Laidback ambiance, a beautiful long stretched beach, the possibility to go tubing on one of the two rivers starting in the dense jungle all the way until you reach the sea. Also, Palomino has some great hostel options.

Palomino is a small town, with only one paved road crossing through it. The rest are all small sandy roads running from and to the beach. During the day, it can be relatively quiet on the “streets”. But therefore, there is plenty of beach space for everyone to enjoy until the suns sets behind the palm trees while you’re enjoying a nice cold drink. You can even try to master the incoming waves, perfect for beginning surfers. After washing al the sand and salt off your body, all the bars and restaurants along the main sandy road have opened giving the place a cosy atmosphere for a good night out.

Palomino’s main attraction: River Tubing
Tubing is floating down mild streamed river sitting in a donut shaped tube, which is actually an inflated inner tube of a truck tire. Any hostel or hotel in Palomino can organize a tubing tour for you, or you just go to any of the shops on the main road with a lot of tubes stored outside. You can’t miss them.

To get to the starting point of the river, you hop on the back on one of the moto-taxi’s in town to drive you for about 15 minutes up a (very) bumpy road. Unfortunately, our moto-taxi driver probably thought he was in the Olympics and made sure he was at the drop off point first. However, with a bottle of water in one hand, and a tube of approximately 1-1,5 metres in the other hand, there is little possibility to hold on to. But we made it.

As we went relatively early in the morning and the ride down the river would take approximate 1,5 to 2 hours, we prepared ourselves with sunscreen and were wearing an UV-shirt. Nonetheless, as you are semi submerged most of the time and tangling with your hands and feet in the clear river waters, our legs and underarms got a bit burned. The tube adventure ends when the river meets the ocean in a shallow curve so you can get off easily. If you are planning to do this, make sure you agree that you can give back you’re tube there. Because we also saw some people having to walk it back to town for about 15min from there.

Next stop: San Andres, Island of Colombia




River Tubing 🙂




created by dji camera





One thought on “Palomino

  1. Wat een geweldige reportage, dit geeft een prachtige indruk van wat jullie denken en doen. Fantastische foto’s. Ik kijk uit naar het vervolg.

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