Tayrona National Park



Definitely on our bucket list: sleeping in a hammock with an ocean view.We heard from other travellers that this is possible in Tayrona National Park, a large protected park located directly on the beach, great for hiking. So, an easy choice for us to go there.

First, we slept in The Journey Hostel, which is near the entrance of the park. We were lucky we could get the last private room available, which was a room up the hill with a stunning view over the country side and even a glimpse of the sea. After enjoying the sun to set behind the hills and a well-deserved shower, the staff provided a nice family style diner in the common area. If you book a room there, you automatically sign up for the diner which is nice to directly connect with all the other guests and the friendly staff.

We got up early to go to national park of Tayrona to be at the entrance directly when it opened at 08:00. After a firm hike of two hours through the jungle, passing multiple beautiful beaches, hearing several undefined animal noises we arrived at our destination, Cabo San Juan de Guia. Here two beaches meet the jungle.

This is where we would spend the night, in a hammock in the Mirador, overlooking the ocean. This was a small building build on to the rocks that separate the two beaches.

Overall, this was an amazing experience, waking up around 5:30 with the sun rising from the sea. For sure it was not the most comfortable night, with now and then some firm oceanic winds, sleeping in a hammock but it was well worth it. Luckily, we could enjoy the beaches here for another day before returning again to head for our next stop.

Next stop: Palomino, Northern Colombia



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