Taganga, Colombia

Undecided, going to Taganga or Santa Marta? Both are located near the beach and both towns are just a short bus ride away from each other. After some research, we decided to go to Taganga. Thankfully! Because on our way to Taganga we drove through Santa Marta and unfortunately it did not look that pretty at all. Santa Marta is the regional capital and therefor a busy commercial area for the region. Although the beach itself is ok, it is packed by (for the region) high rising apartments and residential complexes.

Taganga turned out to be a small beach town. At the beach, all the fisherman boats were located on the right side and on the left side there was plenty of room for sunbathing. There you’ll also find some nice restaurants and locals selling home-made pastries and coffee. Also, some fellow travellers were selling self-made jewellery to pay for their travels.

We stayed at the Tortuga hostel, which is just up the hill in one of the streets from the beach. It has a medium sized, but very pleasant pool which made our stay quite comfortable. With a nice garden and an annex shared kitchen it’s a great place to mingle with other travellers and the vibe was quite relaxed.

Taganga beach can sometimes feel a bit over crowded so we went to a nearby beach called playa Grande, Playa Escondida and Playa Rosita for a day. Playa Grande turned out to be even more crowded than Taganga itself, but we were there on a Sunday so that would explain it a bit. Playa Rosita was just amazing. There is a local family running a small restaurant and we got to witness fisherman catching some fish.

Next stop: Tayrona National Park, Northern Colombia

Sunset at Taganga beach


Crowded playa Grande


Rooftop at hostel Tortuga
The perfect beach

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